How to get Voice Over Jobs in Thailand – Insider Tips

Have you ever done any voice over jobs in Bangkok?

Voice over jobs can be a nice way to supplement your income in Bangkok.

Voice over companies are always looking for new talent. The population in Bangkok is always fluctuating and voice over companies are always looking for new voices to present to their clients.

Do they need my language?

I literally have seen job postings for all kinds of languages from all around the world. English with different accents (British, American, Canadian, Australian), Dutch, German, Hindi, Persian, Indonesian, Arabic, Cambodian, Vietnamese, Chinese, Russian, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Thai….You name it, they need it.

If you think that you have a pleasant voice that people like to listen to, this might just be a job for you.

Voice over jobs pay by the hour.

Usually they pay anything between 800-1500 per hour’s work and a session will last for 1-6 hours. Sometimes they pay even more, if you agreed to a specific amount and you can finish the job faster than expetected.

Voice over work is more tiring than you’d expect.

In every day life you may not notice the little sludges and and slurries that enter your speech patterns. You think that you pronounce words clearly. With voice over work your voice is on the spot. People can’t look at your mouth to help them understand what you’re saying. Usually they allow you to take a 5 minute break after each 1 hour session. Believe me, you will want to take a break and it will help you to get back in focus.


Which companies are doing voice over jobs in Bangkok?


Andovar is one of the biggest Voice over companies in Bangkok. They are located on Sukhumvit, close to Phrom Pong BTS (and have offices in India, Singapore and the US as well).

For Andovar you can apply online here:
Tel: +66 2 712 7196

EQHO Communications

I have done both work as talent as well as language monitor for EQHO. They are professional and friendly. There is always free drinks and mints ready for you. EQHO is located close to BTS Surasak.

You can contact EQHO via this email:
Telephone: +66 (0)2 637 8060


Tri is a very friendly Indian guy with a studio close to Punnawhiti BTS. It’s great working with Tri. He gets all kinds of voice over jobs.

This is the contact email:
and website: http://www.trics.aia

Voice Over Asia

Keith has his studio in a beautiful building close to Huay Kwang MRT station. I did a regular gig for Keith. We had a lot of fun doing that job and I made some good friends in the process.

Tel. +66 865235888
Email Keith @

Those are probably the biggest companies for voice over work. I have worked with all four of them and can recommend working with any of these.

Doing some research for this article I found 4 other companies that apparently offer to do voice over work in Bangkok. You’d have to contact them yourself and see how working for them is; and maybe tell me about it afterwards:

Paradise Production

Paradise Production is located in Town in Town.

Email :
Alternative Email :
Skype : kongkehlet
Facebook : Paradise Production

TIS Translation

Is located in Samut Prakarn – a little off the regular track.

The contact data for TIS Translation are:
Tel: 092-595-9933, +662-730-9933

Trevi Multimedia

Trevi Multimedia has their office on Samsen Road, which is close to Khao Sarn.

Phone: 08-3716-3600

What should you do?

Just follow the links to their websites, go to their contact us section, send them a message and tell them that you’re available. They will probably ask you to come in and take a recording of your voice. It is kind of your audition. When a job comes up they will present your voice sample to their client.

voice over jobs in Bangkok

In a dark room, with head phones on…voice over jobs ?

What kind of jobs can they offer you?

There are actually two kinds of jobs that they may offer you:

  1. The actual voice over job
  2. The language monitor

The voice over job is obvious. You’ll have to read the script and they will record your voice while doing it.

All of the bigger companies employ a language monitor. The language monitor gets paid around half of what the voice over talent gets paid.

Not a full-time job, but a nice way to make some extra money

Voice over jobs may not fill your coffers to pay your rent, but they can pose a nice way to supplement your income and make some extra cash on the side. And while you are waiting for your film and commercial work to draw in, you can do some voice over work and hone your skills.

Remember: The voice is one of your main instruments as an actor ?


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