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I had the great fortune to attend a couple of Masterclass sessions whilst visiting Thailand. Robin brings a wealth of experience, joy, passion and a sincere intention to draw out the deepest potential of his students. He creates a working environment that feels safe, accepting and supportive. It was a great reminder to me of what it is like to be in the hands of a true teacher. I was challenged in a way that has assisted me to clarify my path. I came away feeling expansive and inspired, and grateful to have shared the experience with some excellent humans. I look forward to a long term connection with MasterClass Studio.

Matt Charleston, Actor, Australia

Masterclass Studio is a place where the magic happens! I have been taking acting classes at Masterclass Studio which I found it very interesting and helpful to improve my acting skills! I also had a photoshoot there once and they did a fantastic job!

Secil Dy, Actor and Model, Turkey

Really enjoyed the acting class with Robin. It was fun, challenging and unusual journey. I loved the way Robin conducts the process. We started from exploring the space, dealing with each other in it and then went through very profound emotional experience.

Many many thanks!

Kyra Gyngazova, Photographer and Artist, Russia

MasterClassStudio classes offer what you need to become a professional actor. If you are seriously considering to pursue a career of acting, I recommend you to take the course, upgrade yourself and get ready to stand in front of camera. I also became much better at giving presentations, socially confident, and positive

Nobu Watanabe, Actor, Japan and Thailand

Masterclass studio is a wonderful facility for you to explore yourself, or to learn the basics of acting. You are met with an environment that is safe and understanding, but at the same time challenging. Robin structures the class, so that every individual gets to organically grow and learn their scripts or parts, instead of enforcing it. So to anybody who wants to either learn the fundamentals of acting or just simply want to improve on themselves, Masterclass is the place to do it!

Gavin Bunyaratavej, Actor and Musician, Thailand

I attended the introductory class last Sunday. It was fantastic. Robin encouraged us to step out of the usual boundary of our comfort zone, in order to enter the place of true creativity. To directly experience the concept, he guided us through several exercises in drawing, writing, talking and body movement, which helped me get in touch with my authentic self. I cried and laughed; so did others. He emphasized that the more we get in touch with ourselves, the deeper and more authentic our acting becomes and that the audience can feel it immediately. Great class.

Nobumori Yagi, Professor, Japan

Good atmosphere, friendly people,good acting coach, a good place to develop your skills

Many many thanks!

Olivier Paul Varry, Actor, France

Robin my acting coach I’m so sooo grateful I discovered you! Thank you to the existence of internet ^^ and your existence of course. I would like to begin by saying how cozy and warm the place is, I love the design, I love the feeling I get when I walked into your house, I love everyone in my class, I love you our acting coach. I went to so many acting classes and they all demotivate me but when I go to your class today I know this is it and to have you on my journal of my actor career is phenomenal and i am so so grateful ka

thank you for always giving us your best and we will always do our best too!. I truly love this place, your wife is wonderful, your kid is wonderful. I love your school and I have no doubt it will continue to grow

if you are hesitate wether or not to sign up for the program, Mr.Robin also have free trial class, but I am certain you will enjoy your experience here, the price is very reasonable , you honestly get more than what you paid! That still exist nowadays? I just knew tooo when I met him! Please don’t hesitate and sign up! I don’t get paid to write this, I wrote from my heart because Mr.Robin deserves it!

Pawornwan Verapuchong, Actress, Thailand

I’m an English teacher newly living in Bangkok. I have zero acting experience, but through some curiosity and google searches came across an ad for Robin’s beginner adult acting course. On a whim and last minute decision I decided to attend and see what it’s like. Honestly was a really great decision. Acting has always seemed like something I’d love, but not realistically worth pursuing, however I feel differently about that now. Every session of this course leaves me feeling extremely motivated and inspired. Robin is super passionate, knowledgeable, and experienced and has gone above and beyond to help all of our individual needs. This class has been challenging and very rewarding in ways I would not have expected. Now after over a month of being in the course I got myself an extra role in a big Hollywood film. I’d suggest this course to anyone who has any interest in pursuing acting. Or even if you just simply want to have a lot of fun, develop some new skills, and meet some new positive people. I highly encourage to give it a try with Robin!

Jacob Schlottman, Teacher, USA

Huge Thanks to Robin Schroeter for facilitating a awesome acting Workshop today. The group created a safe space where one could explore being seen. As a group we traveled through a series of creative exercises. The class led to participate directing a short scene! This was fun! Check out MasterClass Studio for upcoming classes!

Filip Kijowsky, Actor, Dancer and Performing Artist, Poland

I would recommend acting classes for any age group, as the acting classes really pay off, Its a very family kind of feel and theres a lot of trust when performing and playing all kinds of emotions and scenes. We just finished a showcasse in front of audience and it was very emotional and great and I have seen people shine like never before. I can tell that this works for me as I have played over 100 mostly action related movies but also played parts etc. this is definitely getting me even into more bigger roles.

Also connecting activities, besides the acting classes will also empower like the accent reduction classes, the confidence classes and in my case some action classes for people who love action as well, and lots more. My son Nicky is also learning at Masterclass and he always goes with pleasure even found a new passion as well there ‘dance’ as the acting classes and Peter Pan musical will have dance performances as well.. so I am very very happy with the developments and what masterclass has to offer


Ron Smoorenburg, Stunt Actor, The Netherlands

Yesterday was my first time acting class in MasterClass Studio and it’s was very interesting, informative and fun

I really appreciate that my bro Robin invited me for the class. Robin you are very very professional. I got a lot new knowledge and new experience. I became much more confident after class. Look forward to continue

Jesse Jones, Stunt Actor, Russia

I can personally attest to the Amazing Quality Robin Brings as a real teacher and instructor. He creates a very positive, SAFE, strong, solid foundation got any person regardless of ability or experience to grow not just as an actor but as a person. I actually would highly recommend any of his classes for anyone who might be dealing with Social anxiety issues, or wanting to learn how to communicate publicly more effectively. His “Acting” classes in my opinion are way more than that…. They are the best, self help therapy you could ever ask for……

Plus they are fun and you get to meet the coolest people and make new awesome friends!!!!!


John Flano, Actor, USA

I joined this acting class a couple of months ago. The class is in their home (a house of artists) in Lad Prao, Bangkok and you are immediately in the middle of an artistic, warm energy presented. It is presented by Master Class Studios’ own Robin Schroeter, a man very passionate about this craft and also by his amazing wife, June. He is quite an accomplished actor both on stage and film.

His view on acting, in its art form is, in my humble opinion, raw and pure. He comes down to the essence of what it takes to be natural in made up circumstances and really focuses on that. Asking you not to act happy but to write about a time, a moment, when happiness was honestly the only thing you knew. Feeling something from the heart, instead of merely expressing it with your face. Saying something from your heart instead of your throat and with this I like to lift the first point and the first month of the course:

1. If acting isn’t necessarily what you’re after, but you are insecure/ facing inner troubles on the daily/ struggling to accept or move on from traumatic events in the past/ better understand the reason why you feel certain feelings or anything remotely like this and wish to face and rid yourself from that. The first month is for you. The first 4 classes is all about self exploration. You take baby steps to get comfortable with moving out of your comfort zone and when you’re ready you go and explore avenues of your past that will be very very difficult and scary to do alone. Luckily you’ve got a Robin to hold your hand every step of the way. Going with you to your brightest and darkest moments and helps you to find the light switch. You see, it’s therapeutic and instead of being afraid of going to those places, you now know yourself better and, in an acting sense, you connect to them for your character. To be able to do that is no easy feat. So this next part is very important: you have to be honest and open with yourself about the places Robin will visit with you. Don’t hold back, be vulnerable so that you can deal with it and if you’re lucky you’ll cry. Growth is beautiful at the end but it hurts in the beginning. And the environment is secure and safe as well.

2. The second month is script analysis and Robin gives you an inside look on how to dissect a character and its dialogue from top to bottom. You analyze the dialogue between the characters and get a strong understanding on what they want which leads to why they are saying the things that they’re saying. Motives, desires, fears and more are discovered as you go through the script and start to investigate deeper why the characters say these things and why they are doing what they’re doing. Extremely crucial and exciting stuff!

3. The 3rd month is were it all comes together. Connecting to your emotions and your understanding of dialogue are put to the test as you start your preparation for the upcoming showcase! Together a script will be chosen and characters given. You go deep into the character to get a grip around who he is. Learn his super objective (what he wants through the play), objectives (what he wants in scenes), inner conflict, his spine and so much more captivating stuff. Blocking and motivation gets addressed and if you got into your characters mind you already now why he moves the way he does. And through muuuultiple rehearsals you get to act on stage in front of an audience and which is most indescribable experience ever.

I motivate you to do this class. As an actor wanting to gain a truly important skill, but also as a human to learn more about ourself, to help us cope and to understand why we and other folks do and say things. It’s a therapeutic, cathartic and psychological experience. I can’t stress this enough. And I’m super excited to start with the advanced class! Thank you Robin. Thank you June. Thank you masterclass. I love you!

Christian Ferreira, Actor, South Africe

A really well-rounded course for the foundations of acting. I highly recommend this class even if you already have some acting experience under your belt as it will build your foundation and give structure to your skill set. For those who have never acted or are just starting out, it is also a great opportunity as you will have a mixed group in your lessons with different levels of experience and can learn so much from each other. Be prepared to try new things and step out of your comfort zone as that is the only way to grow and learn!

Plus they are fun and you get to meet the coolest people and make new awesome friends!!!!!


Dennis J. Martin, Actor, USA

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