About Us

MasterClass Studio dedicates itself to the development of human beings that serve humanity. Learning is a continuous process and we do it all of our lives.
Our Core Values

At the core of our institution are the following values:

  1. Attitude of Learning

Learning is a continuous process and we keep learning all of our lives. We want to instill an attitude of learning in our students so that they become students of and for their lives.

2. Individual Investigation of Truth

Each student is encouraged to explore their own inner truth. The core of their being. Who they really are. Only if we know our true self we can understand others. That is the core of every artist.

3. Development of Knowledge

We can study and learn. People can tell us things. We can understand it through that process. But it only turns into knowledge if we feel and experience it by ourself. Therefore, we help our students to develop knowledge through their own experience.

4. Application of Knowledge

After developing knowledge we guide our students on how this knowledge can be applied. Only developing the knowledge is not enough, if we don’t know what to do with it. – We all may know about global warming, but as long as that doesn’t lead to action, it doesn’t stop it.

5. Application for Every Day Life (Serving Humanity)

The knowledge gained through our classes is not only intended to help the students become better actors, but it is meant to help them to become better people. This can only happen if the students know how to apply this knowledge in their daily lives. As a further step, the goal of every artist and actor should be to serve humanity. So ultimately, we want our students to become leaders of their community and serve humanity.

6. Expanding Human Awareness

Through the work of our students and their effect on their society we want to expand human awareness. That is the ultimate goal of our institution.


What We Offer

Fundamental Acting for Kids

For the training of imagination, self expression, sensory skills and theatre of 4-6 year olds

Fundamental Acting for Juniors

For children from 7-12 years of age.

Fundamental Acting for Teenagers

For teenagers from 13-17 years of age.

Fundamental Acting for Grown Ups

For adults from 18 until 99 years of age.

Singing Education

Singing education for people of all ages and skills.

Dance Classes

For people of all ages and skills.

What People are Saying

“Great Energy and Spirit”

“My 7 year old daughter loved this masterclass. Lots of teachers with real life industry experienced and know how. Great energy and spirit from everyone really brought the best out in the kids. Bilingual teachers too. 5 stars from me!”

Liam Anderson, Director

“Happiness for the whole family”

“Happiness for the whole family. Come here and you will find out what real performing arts is!!

TK’s Mom

“Like a second home”

“#NotJustaStudio #NotJustASchool…

But this is a place where children can explore their physicality, develop their character, do the things they love, and move forward towards their dream. <3

I recommend this place and these teachers. They aren’t just great at teaching, but teach with the spirit of an educator. They pull out the best out of your kids and give great advice that comes from the heart.


Nong Earn’s Mother

“Like achievement is family, is love, is hope that we will stay together”

“The pinnacle of Happiness MasterClass Studio Classes for children with a dream. Practice, learn, develop, small steps but secure.

Singing, Dancing and Acting with an outstanding team of teachers that help the children develop their dreams. We walk together to follow our dreams.

We have love, good hopes for the future. And the goal of the path that we are walking together is our dream.

Like achievement is family, is love, is hope that we will stay together.

I trust and love this institution.”

Nong Guitar’s Mom, Mae Pel (Chanita Pachoto)

Hours of Operation
MON – SUN 8:00am – 10:00pm 


MasterClass Studio – Performing Arts School and Creative Learning Space

6/1 Ladprao 25
Chunkasem, Chatuchuk
Bangkok, 10900, Thailand

Mobile: +66 869488384

Email: info@masterclass-studio.com

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