Our Theatrical Productions

In our 3 years we have had numerous theatrical productions. 2 Award winning short musicals for the Drama Science Competition. One full musical production for children (I will Dream of You Peter Pan – A New Musical). 2 Live-Immersing Theatre shows and more than 6 showcases of our students, with at least 3 full scale productions. Since videos speak more than words, Take a look at our theatrical productions below!

All of our theatrical productions have been made possible with the kind support of: Mrs Rita Brigitte Irlenbusch-Schroeter, Mr Peter Irlenbusch and Mr Inn Narula

Drama Competitions

1st Prize Winners of the Science Drama Competition in 2020 and 2021

In 2020 our kids team, Wonder Kids, won the Science Drama competition for the first time. Due to the Corona Pandemic, the competition was held by video submission. 2020 was also the first year that the competition was just national, instead of being international.

In 2021, this time as part of the International Sciene Drama Competition….aaaaannddd….the Wonderkids by MasterClass Studio won the 1st prize first of the national competition and then of the international competition 2021. With that, Wonderkids by MasterClass Studio have become the 1st Prize Winners two years in a row. We can’t wait for more competitions!

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I Will Dream of You Peter Pan – A New Musical

Our biggest theatrical production so far was the production of ‘I Will Dream of You Peter Pan – A New Musical’. This was a full scale 110 Minute long Musical production staged at the Sodsai Pantoomkomol Center for Dramatic Arts at Chulalongkorn University with a cast of 35 kids and 16 adults. Warunya Soontorntae, the director, loves musicals and raised this theatrical production from her imagination with only 2.5 months of production time. But pictures can have more impact than words. Take a look yourself:

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Full Scale Theatre Productions

People, Places and Things, Grace, Balls, I Will Dream of You Peter Pan, Dirtland and Wonderland

We have done numerous full-scale theatre productions over the course of our existence. Theatre and live productions are in our blood. We live and breathe theatre and we do everything we have to, to make it happen. Here are a few samples of our past theatre  productions:

We are here for you when you need a production team for your theatre production!

Acting for Film

Video Productions are of course part of our Acting for Film course. 

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At the end of every course we have a showcase to exhibit what our students have learned from the class. Often we combine several classes to have a bigger showcase (Fundamentals, Advanced and Intensive Course together). The showcase is an essential part of the learning experience of our students. With the audience about to enter stakes are high, how to deal with your stage fright? Can you really do it? Ready or not on the day of the performance you have to be ready. It is one of the best opportunities for our students to apply what they have learned in a save environment. By now we have had 6 showcases so far.

Where were you when we were doing the showcases?

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Immersive Live-Action Zombie Shows

Zombies hold a big fascination. The living dead. While we are on the top of the food chain, they are on our level but lack our empathy, our emotions. They are controlled by their desire (for flesh). Senses such as smell, taste or vision, sometimes even strength are heightened. 

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