Absolutely fantastic showcase performance last Saturday!

Everybody did amazing and stepped up their game 3 levels for the performance. What a rush!

Congratulations to all the actors. You all did fantastic. I really enjoyed seeing each and everyone of you on stage. ( including @volcanicglacier – and thank you for your support!!!)

Thank you Kaykarn for arranging the team, setting up the lighting and finding the transition sounds. It wouldn’t have worked as smoothly as it did without you. You belong in the theatre, Sir.

Thank you to Nong Gift for the lighting. Within no time you made everyone look beautiful.

Thank you to our stage crew Nong Skate and Nong Neem. You learned very quickly and gave the whole performance a professional vibe (with transitions smooth as silk).

Thank you, Kong for being there all the way. Bonding the generations, helping the students, facilitating communication and helping with the showcase. Thank you!

Thank you Guy for arranging the videography and photography team.

Love you all.


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