Mime Workshop by Ulrich Gottlieb in cooperation with MasterClass Studio

Price: 2,000 Baht for 2 hours workshop
Time: Saturday, 8th of April, 1-3pm
Location: MasterClass Studio
Maximum 10 attendees

Let’s enter the magic of mime. Explore how to use your body language, gestures and expressions, your imagination to speak without words. and create a world out of your feelings and fantasy. Get to know some basic secrets of mime, how something which is not there become so real. and all in a playful and fun way.


Uli Gottlieb, Germany, works in mime and physical theatre in Europe snd Asia. Ulrich is a physical theatre practitioner & conceptualist, performer & teacher, Taiji practitioner & instructor, visual artist, writer.

He has an early background in mime, later physical theatre self-taught and by Werner Müller, Nürnberg & Hiro Uchiyama, paris.

Taiji Quan & Qigong by Lim Chee Choon, Penang and Chen Liang Yao, Bangkok
Physical and visual work in multiple disciplines as physical theatre, taijiquan, painting, video, poetry…

Uli works in art and education. international collaborations with theatres, festivals, cultural institutions, universities, international schools. performing and teaching and internationally.



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