Introduction class to 3 aspects/tools of Movie Fighting by Ron Smoorenburg @MasterClass Studio

Price: 2,000 Baht for 2 hours workshop
Time: Monday, 10th of April, 6-8pm
Location: MasterClass Studio
Maximum 10 attendees

which actors/stuntman/action actors can use for movies and tv series in a creative, original and practical way

1- AIKIDO – seen in Steven Seagal movies, aikido is greatly used to control opponents especially against their own attack power, its also great to send opponents to other directions, control and lock opponents . These are very useful moves you can blend in in a lot movie fights besides the fact that they look good on screen they are good for self defense as well.

2- RECHARGE – A new fighting style developed by Ron Smoorenburg, with Chain Lighting as the main concept. Lots of original new combos which will surprise the opponent and will look fast as moves bounce of each other. Combined with original kicks this style is currently getting known and more and more popular. 3 New Kicks are original and made in Recharge.

3- KICKING – To control a kick is very important in movie fighting as well in real fighting. It’s a combination of 3 factors, speed, flexibility and power. Ron has his own stretching program which helped a lot of people doing splits and better leg control.

This class will introduce all3 elements so participants can see and feel whats their own power, as everyone is a different character in reality and in movie fights and I always recommend to have your own combination of selling points


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