P’Kage was one of the 3 actors on the set of Jos in the Netherlands. I met p’Kage for the first time more than 10 years ago when I first got started in theatre in Thailand. Two years later I was lucky enough to work on 4 productions with him (Goya and Glueng, the Other Land, Typhoon and a small improvised production in Chiang Mai for one of his exhibitions). Each and every time I worked with him, I have been impressed by his acting, movement, directing, improvisation skills, his humor and just by the person that he is. When he sent me his audition tape for Jos, it was the most outstanding audition tape I have seen so far. In the end he got cast. Which made me very happy since I knew I had an actor that would impress the Dutch production on set. And that he did. There is a reason why he has acted next to Jacky Chan and Christian Bale and many other famous actors, because he is good at what he is doing. Thank you for trusting me to be your agent on this job. Love you, always, Robin


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