Becoming an actor is a journey. A journey inside of you. With every role that you take on you learn more about yourself, about who you really are. You discover things about yourself that you have hidden away. Things that you don’t want to touch, or you have forgotten.

This journey of discovery, of finally becoming aware, can be so gratifying. You become more. You become more complete.

In this Fundamentals of Acting Course, I will guide you on this journey. Together with others just like you, and completely different, we will start out on this journey of discovery.

You will learn more about yourself and what it means to be a human being, with all our flaws, hopes and dreams and how to bring this knowledge to the characters you have to play. To give them life, dimension and depth.

In this course you will learn what it means to be an actor, what you need, and how to get there.

I love being on this journey. It never stops. And I love guiding you on this journey. We learn together, from each other.

Are you ready to begin?


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