For the first time this year post-covid we are now offering a full Fundamentals of Acting Course in English for Teenagers.

MasterClass Studio is unique in that we are offering both English language and Thai language Acting Courses. The English language courses have until now focused on training adult actors and we have trained 9 generations of actors so far.

This acting course for teenagers will start on Sunday, 15th of November, 12-3pm and will then continue every Sunday at the same time, every Sunday.

The Fundamentals of Acting Course for teenagers itself is a 3-months acting course that provides its students with all the acting tools they need for their acting career. It starts with a in depth exploration of the students themselves to discover the tools that they hold within themselves. We apply the process of exploration, explanation and expression.
Studying acting means studying human nature. The same is true for all theatre practitioners. As actors our students need to have a deep understanding what theatre is giving to life, what theatre is giving to the audience. Our students need to understand what the Message and the Theme of theatre is. In addition to that they need to send these to the audience by being the character they are playing.
At the end of the Fundamentals of Acting Course for Tenagers there will be a showcase performance to which members of the press, producers, directors and parents are invited.
The cost for this course is 7,000 Baht per month, with 4 classes per month.
Max: 10 Participants
For more information please feel free to contact:
Phone: 0869488384
Line: @masterclassstudio
To find out more about our courses click here

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