We are looking for the following talents for a Japanese Pickup Truck Commercial

Looking for Caucasian Talents Only

Family: Father, Mother and Child who love traveling and tracking.
Father + Mother: 28-40 years old
Child: Son or Daughter , age 7-8 years old (loves traveling or able to tracking and not whiney)
(If they are in the same family, would be great)

Japanese Pickup Car
Media: online world wide, all web, all print, events, shops (2 years)
Shooting: 24 – 31 October 2020 (1 or 2 days shooting)
Working Hour : 13 hrs Start Time on Location
Budget: 1 day 30,000 THB – 30% Commission
2 day 50,000 THB – 30% Commission
If there is a signed contract plus 20,000 THB – 30% Commission

Budget All-inclusive travel fitting and shooting.
(Pay 30 days after shooting)

Please send your contact (name, mobile number and email Nationality ) together with your present photo with details (current weight, height, age, shirt/pant/shoes size ) to
Line: @masterclassstudio


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