In Thailand and looking for an acting gig? Here are the 5 biggest kinds of jobs you can get as an actor in Thailand.

1) International Movies

There are quite a number of international movies shooting in Thailand every year and if you get a chance to audition for it and get a part, go for it! For you as an actor, if you come from any Europen country or Asian country or African country or anywhere in the world, you have to reduce or train an accent.

2) Thai Dramas & Movies

While this may be an obvious statement, speaking Thai will definitely improve your chances of getting a role in Thai dramas or movies. If you speak Thai, it’s easier to communicate with the team and people on the set, and also for your part.

3) Voiceover

Voiceover work is big in Thailand. You can apply in big companies like Andovar, Echo and Voiceover Asia and they’ll take your voice sample, send it out to clients and select you accordingly. Voiceover jobs are available year-round.

4) Stunt Work

There’s a lot of stunt work going on not only in Thailand but from Thailand they may send you to India, Malaysia or China. So if you have some experience as a stuntman or you know martial arts; how to kick, how to fall, how to take a punch, all these factors go into place which helps you can get into stunt work. Stunt work is always available year-round as well.

5) TVCs

There are always some or the other TVCs shot in Thailand, but not necessarily only Thai TVCs. TVCs from all over the world are shot here because Thailand is such a great location. They are looking for all kinds of characters—whether you’re tall, short, fat, slim, doesn’t matter what color and all kinds of age groups. There’s always work available for TVCs if you’re looking for it.

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