If you’re looking for an acting gig here, we present to you a few guidelines on the kinds of acting jobs in Thailand you can pursue.

1) Events

One example of the kinds of acting jobs you in Thailand you can get is at events. You can get an acting gig for different kinds of events, different brands because they’re always looking for actors, good looking people with a good body, smooth-talking, and outgoing people to promote their brand. So if you do a little bit of networking, you can get events like that.

2) Plays

There are plays that are taking place in Thailand. Most of the plays are, well, voluntary which means you don’t get paid or get paid very little. But they are a very good way to get experience, put yourself out there and network. So take part in plays and show the people what you can do.

3) Corporate Roleplays

Like plays, there are corporate roleplays that are going on in and outside of Thailand. If you have any corporate experience, you should venture into corporate roleplays and earn good money. It’s always fun to be involved in such roleplays.

4) Photoshoots

Photoshoots is another example of the kinds of acting jobs in Thailand. If you have a little bit of character and a good look, there are always photoshoots for actors. That kind of work is quite lucrative and goes on all year.

5) Extra

Being an extra on-set is a job you can always do if you need a little bit of money. The money from being an extra will help you keep afloat as you keep pursuing your passion for acting. This is a hard business and getting a high paying job is pretty difficult. So, anything you can do to support your income, this is a good way to get involved and create a network.


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