Are you looking for how to get started on getting acting roles? Well, here’s why you should kickstart your acting career in Thailand.

1. There is less competition

There are a lot of international movies or international productions coming to Thailand. Though, there are not many foreign or Caucasian actors here. So chances are higher that you can get involved due to less competition. With the current situation of COVID-19, and what comes after, there will be even less competition.

2. There are no unions

In the U.S or the UK, if you don’t have an agent or if you’re not a part of a union, the amount of jobs that you can be a part of is pretty limited. However, in Thailand, they don’t have unions, which means that you are eligible for any kind of job. You can work on any kind of production that you want if you’re fit for it—if you have the talent! 

3. There are lots of international productions shooting here that need foreign talent

There are a lot of international productions coming here. You have international movies, Hollywood movies, Bollywood movies, movies, and series from China and they all come to Thailand because production costs are low and there are diverse talents. Speaking of diverse, Thailand is also a one-stop to find an incredible range of diverse actors. There’s caucasian actors, black actors, Indian actors, East Asian actors, and more which attracts international productions to shoot here. And you can be a part of that talent pool and work on international productions as well as get the international experience here. You can work on films, short films, and you have a higher chance to work on commercials and any of that sort. This will definitely help you kickstart your acting career in Thailand.

4. You can get experience, build a resume, build a reel that can help you to get jobs abroad

Also, with the experience you get working in Thailand, you can build your resume, your acting reel, your showreel. You can send this to international productions abroad and get jobs there. So people in Thailand can get international success from working in Thailand at first.

So kickstart your acting career in Thailand and see how far you can go!


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