You are considering taking acting classes, but you are thinking, “Why do I really need them?”

1. You are investing in yourself

First and foremost, acting classes are a way of you investing in yourself. As actor, you are the product. You are the creator. You are the business. What business can run without investment?

Can you imagine a UFC fighter going into the ring without training? How high do you figure are his chances of winning?

2. You get a small part, but on set they can see you’re good at what you are doing and they make your part bigger

I have seen it many times on set. Somebody got a small part. Maybe an extra or featured extra part. On set, the person that got a bigger part cannot act. During the shooting they look around and they notice, “Hey, this guy is good” and within a few moments, you got the part! Because they like your acting, they can see what you can do, you just earned yourself a bigger part.

The same thing happens the other way around. I was on set recently, and my partner on set just couldn’t do it. From being one of the mains his scenes were cut down. While we were hired for a similar part, the focus of the camera was constantly on me. He just couldn’t pull it off. Can you imagine how frustrating that must have been for him?

3. You don’t waste people’s time on set

On set everything is about time. Budgets are lower than before. People don’t have time to get you where they need you to be. They need you to be ready. They need you do be prepared. If you are not, you will see your part dwindling very quickly.

4. You are ready for whatever comes your way

Taking acting classes gives you the tools to be able to handle whatever comes your way. Like a fighter, you know how to handle yourself in different situations. They want you to do it this way? No problem, you are ready. They want you to play it that way? No problem, you have done it before, you are ready. Like a fighter ducking and throwing punches. You are ready and can handle yourself.

5. Get hired again!

Ok, imagine this scenario: You did a great job. It only took you one or two takes to get it right every time. You were pleasant and professional to work with. The team and crew are able to go home on time or even earlier. Everybody tells you “Good job”. They are smiling at you. Shake your hand or give you a hug.

Now imagine this scenario: Every shot you had to do 10 or more times. You couldn’t pull it off. In the end they let it pass because they could see you tried your best and they are just not getting what they need. Everybody goes home late. Everybody is tired. The results suck, but there is no way to make it any better. At the end of the day they tell you “Good job”, but you can see in their eyes that they are lying. You are going home with the money, but feel that you failed that day.

Who do you think they will hire again?

You think this is only hypothetical? I have seen it happening on set. So. Many. Times.

Taking acting classes will get you ready to handle whatever is thrown your way on set. You are ready to handle yourself and the situation. You know how to work. You know what to do. And finally, if you do a good job, you will get hired again!


Have a great day!


Robin Schroeter from MasterClass Studio


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