Conclusion of the Acting Class by one of our students

One of the acting students said as conclusion of the acting class: “The next time I will work on what I communicate to the audience. I broke a vase. I should admit the truth to the teacher.”

I listened to this and it opened up my heart. In the acting class it made the children understand that they are communicating something to the audience. For me, I realized the morals of honesty. If the kids can take this and apply this lesson to their daily lives, I will be so proud of them.

Studying acting should teach you more than just ‘playing feelings’, ‘how to cry’, ‘how to be angry’. Our classes should focus on them, exploring their truth, gently and in detail. Every angle, every corner. Discovering the origin of those inner most feelings. What is happening within us? And why does it make us feel like that? What action are we taking because of that? And in the end what happens because of that?

Acting helps them to defeat fear. Helps them to expand their own boudaries and also understand their classmates better; to develop and support their fellow humans; to find out the sources of reasons, needs and their own actions.

One more lesson that everybody is learning is that humans are confused, delicate and brave at the same time.

We got all of this from short 2 minute plays that our students improvised themselves. Within that time they realized they should face the truth and they should communicate this to their audience.

This acting class went much further than I expected.

Thank you kids!”

Warunya Soontorntae

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