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Thailand has a big talent pool with a wide range of different accents. From RPG, American, British, Thai, Russian, you name it . There are a dozen of international schools that teach their children both British and American accents.

A lot of the students have aspirations to become artists or actors / actresses.

The parents are supportive of their children. Many of them have extra curricular acting and singing classes and are involved in stage plays or in movies.

MasterClass Studio offers professional voice over casting service for children and adults in Thailand.

We offer acting and singing classes for children and therefore have access to a wide range of trained youth talent that are passionate about what they are doing.

MasterClass Studio can suggest talent for you. We can manage the casting process and produce professional voice recording and voice over services.

MasterClass studios has access to a wide range of voice over studios for all kinds of requirements. Do you need voice over recordings with real time acces through source connect or other real time connecting service? We can prodice it at a reasonable price.

We have a dedicated international team to make sure communication is smooth for both sides – client and talent.

Here is a sample for a voice over casting of children for Right to Play, Canada.

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