For kids with Big Dreams this way please!!!! We are offering a free workshop!!!! For children that are passionate about all kinds of performing arts!

MasterClass Studio would like to invite kids and teenagers with Big Dreams to join us exploring the special power that lies within you.


The children that have been selected have the chance to join this workshop in acting, singing, cat walk and character development for free! At the end of the workshop we will create our own performance together. On top of this you will have a chance to join the first generation of students at MasterClass Studio including a special discount on the Summer Vacation package. Only 12 people are better ng selected for this workshop.

How to apply for this workshop:
1. Send us a clip of you, introducing yourself and telling us about you Big Dream. (Less than 5 Minutes long)
2. Upload this clip to the Facebook Page of MasterClass Studio including the hashtags #MasterClassStudio #DekMasterClass
3. Age from 7-12
4. The workshops are going to be held on 25th of August and 1st September from 09.00-13.00h at IPC Green International Preschool and Kindergarten.

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