Making a Comp Card is Easy. Just compile a few pictures together, press create and that’s it. WRONG.

While the process itself is easy, there are some crucial mistakes you can do while making a comp card.

1. Just Put in any Pictures as Long as There is A Lot

Maybe you want to show variety of different characters. Maybe you want to present past works that you have done. Just putting up a collage of as many pictures that you have won’t do the trick. It just confuses whoever is looking at them.

Believe me. I have been working as agent, I have been working as casting director. When I see an overload of unprofessional pictures and selfies put together, I don’t take you seriously.

You want your comp card to speak for you. To tell whoever is looking at them: I am professional and I can get this job done.

2. I can send any pictures to any job!

Does this sound wrong to you? You wouldn’t believe how many people just sent any pictures for any job!

It’s best to put together 5-6 pictures of one look that is specific for that casting. If it is for a dad look, put together 5 pictures in which you look like a dad. If it is for a medicine ad, put together 5 pictures where you look like a doctor or a nurse. Make it easy for whoever is looking at them to see that you are the right person for this job.

Creating a comp card is easy. Why don’t you create comp cards that match the specific need of that particular job.

3. I Don’t Have the Money to Pay for Professional Pictures

Unless I specifically ask for it, I hate seeing people sending me selfies of themselves at a breakfast table or a beach. It is so unprofessional and I will immediately discard the application. You wouldn’t send selfies to a job interview? Why in God’s name would you send a seflie to present yourself for a movie or TVC shoot WHERE EVERYTHING IS ABOUT THE LOOKS.

I understand that maybe you don’t have the money to pay for professional pictures. Taking a seflie is the easy way out. It makes you look lazy. Casting directors don’t like working with lazy people. Invest in yourself. Find a friend who is a photographer and wants to add something to their portfolio. Find somebody who has an iPhone X or a good Samsung phone. Select a location that looks good. Choose a neutral background. Make sure the lighting of your face, your biggest selling point is good. Even on a budget you can find ways to get good pictures.


3. What Pictures to put into Your Comp Card?

Pictures can say more than words. So here are the 5 images you should put into your comp card:



1- Portrait with clear face, NO Sunglasses, NO Hats, NO half face covered with hair, NO Selfie, NO with somebody behind you.
2 – Half body.
3 – Full body.
Photo 4 & 5 – can be any your best photos from previous jobs, here can sunglasses, hats, interesting background, underwater, because its from previous jobs.

Also compcard include “PROFILE DETAILS” (every country are different, here request for ASIA):
-Height cm
-Weight kg
–Chest cm
–Waist cm
–Hips cm
-Shoes Size

4. How can I make a Comp Card by myself?

This one is also easy. Just go the link below and make your own comp card.

You can make your own compcard on:

5. I can use the same Comp Card for Years to Come!

Wrong! You should update your comp card at least every 6 months. Your looks change. You are loosing weight, you are gaining weight. You are building muscles. Your dyeing your hair. Or as in my case, you are loosing your hair. Every time your looks changes, you should update your comp card.

If you get older (40+), updating it every year may suffice. You don’t change that much anymore.



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