Do you know that face of yours that only the people closest to you know? That face that doesn’t have to pretend to be nice, or happy, or having a great day when you are not. That face that is grumpy at times. That has mood swings and is not all that stable, but is loved non-the-less. That you don’t show to people at work or in class or to your friends.

That face you show when you are doing theatre. Where you revealing your innermost soul. To people that you have only known for a week, a month, or maybe even a day.

It is that space where you can really be who you are, because everybody knows that, through all the mistakes that you have, all the faults, all the acts, you are human. And it is ok to be human. You are loved because you are human. Because you are needed to be human to do the work that we are doing.

I came back to theatre 12 years ago. And coming back to it after taking a break for 7 years gave me the same feeling I had when I was a teenager. It felt like coming home.

Now, you can experience this feeling in community theatre, professional theatre, an acting workshop, and acting course, a performing arts program, in the end it all comes down to this. You get to experience what it feels to be human. To be alive. To be with people that love you for who you are.

Those that have joined my program can attest to this. Friendships that have formed in my classes are lasting. They are true.

It’s the most beautiful thing for me to experience. To see those friendships happen and develop in front of me. To be a part of it. To be the catalyst for it.

God knows I miss theatre.



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