Stunt Fighting is an Important Skill for Actors in Southeast Asia!

In Asia most movies have action elements, especially fight scenes. Stunt fighting will give so much more value to an actor/performer. Action fighter Ron Smoorenburg is going to give a Stunt Fighting Masterclass

When? On Saturday 20.04. from 2-4pm

Where? At MasterClass Studio, Ladprao Soi 25

Costs? 1000 Baht for this 2 hour class

This MasterClass is for actors who like to learn more and get more confident in:
– Screen fighting, reactions, combinations, moves, techniques
– What to do and what not to do in movie fighting
– How to present you well for action jobs, and what to do on set
– How to develop yourself as a proper movie fighting character, stay original
and have something to offer for a director.

Stunt Fighting Workshop

Stunt Fighting Workshop

Ron Smoorenburg who has done more than 80 action movies. He has worked and fought lots of action stars like: Jackie Chan, Tony Jaa, JCVD, Donnie Yen, Michael Jay White, Scott Adkins, Iko Uwais, Steven Seagal and many more

Ron will give a Stunt Fighting MasterClass and share his experience with you.

This Stunt Fighting MasterClass will save you a lot of time, learning straight here at MasterClass Studio.

Here is all you need to know. Of course it still needs all devotion and passion for it to make it work. Ron will give you the tools and together we will develop.

If you want to learn more about Ron Smoorenburg Click Here

Stunt Fighting Workshop By Ron Smoorenburg3

Stunt Fighting Workshop By Ron Smoorenburg


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