Robin Schroeter, the only Western Acting Coach with a Master’s Degree in Performing Arts (Directing) in Bangkok, Thailand. Robin works as acting coach, actor and casting director.

Acting Coach

Being an Acting Coach is a work of passion for me. I love seeing my clients succeed and get compliments on their acting from the production and the director. I have been coaching actors for the last 8 years. Currently, I am specialize in coaching Thai actors that take on parts in Western movies. I find this kind of work particularly exciting. It combines my experience and skills in acting as well as my language and cultural skills. I offer acting coach services for adults and children. Every client teaches me as much as I teach them.

The Language Coach

Another skill that I enjoy exploring is the work as language coach for German movies. Since 2012 I have taken on more and more work as language coach. I am proud that the client of my first job “Fai” in Patong Girl” won an Award (The Grimme Preis) for her performance. I worked with Fai for more than 3 months prior to the production. Two other german movies that I would like to name here are Schwarzbrot in Pattaya, shot in 2015-16 and Herr Lenz reist in den Fruehling (the part of Luck, 2015), Luck was the co-star with the german star Ulrich Tukur.

An acting coach’s training is never finished.

Throughout my life I have been training as actor in various techniques. Now at this point, all of these techniques help me to become a better acting coach. I am able to adapt my acting coach approach depending on the actor. As actors we are all different; our personalities and our ways of life. Some techniques that work for me, don’t work for another actor and vice versa. Some actors work very well physically, others have a very strong imagination, others again need to understand everything intellectually first. While most of my coaching is based on the Method, I don’t think there is a one of approach as an acting coach. Therefore, similar to the work as an actor, an acting coach’s work, learning and developing himself is never finished.

As acting coach I am interested to find out: What kind of person are you? What works for you and how can I help you to become a better actor; and finally, a better person, because all we learn in acting had an effect on our lives.

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