1st of all, I get a lot of email and inquiries like this. And my first reaction always is “You cannot become a Thai Actor, because you are not Thai.”
Now if you want to become an actor in Thailand, of course, that is possible. But if you want to become a Thai actor, at some point you have to change your nationality to become a Thai citizen, you have to read and write thai and sing the national anthem in Thai and live here for 20+ years. I am pretty sure that most people that ask me how can I become a Thai actor actually mean “How to become an actor in Thailand?” Becoming an actor in Thailand is definitely easier than becoming a Thai actor. To become an actor here in Thailand I would recommend the following steps:
  1. Take acting classes here to meet people and build your network The people that you meet when taking acting classes are people that are serious about their craft and about their work. The people that I met at my first acting classes here in Thailand have become established actors in the Thai film industry and all have had major parts in Thai and international films. And we are still good friends.
  2. Build your Network You may build your network by going to see theatre productions of others, or by joining workshops, or even online or by doing volunteer work in the field. It is of major importance that you are pro-active and don’t just sit by idly. You need to be outgoing. See and be seen. Talk to people, engage them. Listen and learn
  3. Join theatre productions Most theatre work in Thailand is on volunteer basis. It is not paid, or if paid, it pays very little. Most of the actors on stage also have a career in the film industry or are aware of other acting jobs. Working in theatre is the most rewarding work you can do. It builds trust and you learn for life.
Whatever you do, you want to stick out from the masses. If you think you can establish yourself as an actor by taking on extra work and hope that you will be discovered while being an extra on set, think again. That doesn’t happen. Unfortunately, most of the time, extras are being treated very poorly on set. The crowd that you hang out with defines you, so if you want to be seen as an actor, being an extra is not the path. You have to invest in yourself first. Take acting classes. Learn the craft. Set yourself apart from the masses. Build your network. Gain experience. In order to make it in this super competetive industry you either need to be super good looking or you need to be better than the rest. You are worth it. —————————————————————- More information on how to enter the acting industry in Thailand: https://youtu.be/IVd-hLvZ8ww —————————————————————- Follow me on… Twitter: https://twitter.com/RobinDurigan Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/robin.schroeter Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/robin_schroeter Blog: http://www.robinschroeter.de Blog2: http://www.actors-thailand.com —————————————————————- Line: robinschroeter Phone: +66 869 488 384 Email: robin_schroeter@hotmail.com —————————————————————-

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