Our Students In the Movies

 Do you want to be part of a movie? Here are some of the movie projects our students have been able to get after attending our classes!


Top Skills


Many of our students dream of making it to the big screen. To be cast in a movie, especially Hollywood productions, you need to be highly skilled. With our training program you can set yourself apart from the rest and make your dream come true.

Ron Smoorenburg

Since taking our classes Ron Smoorenburg has been involved in the following movie Projects:

  • English Dogs by Byron Gybson as Dutch (Lead Character)  – 2020
  • Daytime Nightmare by Katarina Grey – 2020
  • Redemption by Stephen Renney, as Main Villain – 2020
  • Anatomy of an Antihero by Meosha Bean, as Denard (Acting Role) – 2019
  • Commando character for B the Star, Channel 7 – 2019
  • Fighters Unlimited (Vietnamese Movie) – 2020
  • Tremors 7 (Stunt Actor)

Bobby Gerrits

Since taking our acting classes Bobby Gerrits has been involved in the following movie Projects:

  • The Cave by Tom Waller as USAF Staff Sergeant – 2019
  • Kate (Netflix) as Stunt Actor – 2020
  • Ready or Not as Stunt Actor – 2019
  • การ์เดี้ยน หักเหลี่ยมมัจจุราช The Guardian  (Thai Series) – 2019
  • The Charming Stepmom (Thai Series on Netflix) – 2019

Nobu Watanabe

Since taking our acting classes Nobu has been involved in the following movie Projects:

  • Kate (Netflix) as Police Officer (Speaking Part) – 2020
  • Blood and Treasure Season 2 (Speaking Part) – 2020

Gavin Bunyaratavej

Since taking our acting classes Gavin has been involved in the following movie Projects:

  • Redemption by Stephen Renney as one of the lead characters – 2020

Gavin has also directed the music video for his song “Lazy Day” as part of his Independent Project for MasterClass Studio.

Iris Park

Since taking our acting classes Iris casted only for one movie. Tremors 7. The director liked her so much that he had one character written for her. “Researcher Iris”

  • Tremors 7 by Don Michael Paul as Researcher Iris (Speaking Part) – 2020

Olivier Paul Varry

Olivier has been focussing on his work in TVCs. He has also created several short films with his friend Kazu Neda to work on his acting skills. His work on screen includes:

  • Panasonic TVC (2019)
  • MEA TVC (2019)
  • CP TVC (2019)
  • Knorr Sauce TVC (2019)
  • Thai Drama เล่ห์บรรพกาล
  • Photoshoot for The Economist Magzine in Cooperation with Thai Airways (2020)

You can find some of his acting work during lockdown here. His acting is excellent and so is the quality of the short films:


Christian Ferreira

Christian is very talented and very busy. Next to taking classes at our studio, he has a full-time teaching job and is working on two BA degrees. In the past year he has had the main acting part in Gavin’s music video “Lazy Day” and a TVC.

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