Our Classes

We offer group and private classes in acting, directing, stage design, singing and dancing for children and adults.   Our current class schedule is below. Contact us to book a class.

Our Classes

Class Schedule

Fundamentals of Acting (Acting 1)

Acting Classes: 3 months weekly acting class. Altogether 12 Times / 36 hrs

Time per class: Each class is 3+ hours long.

Fees: 7,000 Baht per month (or 2,000 baht per time)

This class is divided into 4 parts:

1. Learning and exploring in the class room
2. Scene Work
3. Creation of a Performance. Either a solo or group performance under the guidance of the instructor. The final performance is to be opened to the public.
4. Practicing in real life environments. To gain experience in real life working environments.

At the core of our classes are the following ideas:
1. Attitude of Learning
2. Individual investigation of Truth
3. Development of Knowledge
4. Application of Knowledge
5. Application for Every Day Life (Serving Humanity)
6. Expanding Human Awareness

About the instructor:
Robin Schroeter has an MA in Directing from Chulalongkorn University. He has been an actor for more than 20 years and been working as actor, acting coach and director in Thailand for the last 10 years.

Saturdays 12-3 pm
With Mr Robin

Acting For Film

After having finished our Fundamentals of Acting Class you can go into specializations. One of our most popular classes is Acting for Film. This is a 3 month class that teaches you how to act on the big screen.

The costs for the 3 month program 22,000 Baht for the entire program (including the showcase / short film) or 8,000 Baht per month.

Saturdays 12 pm-1 pm

Acting for Musicals

Another Specialization is Acting for Musicals. This includes acting, dancing and singing classes. We offer this as regular class and more intense camps. Contact us for more information!

Contact us for more details about this program!

Dancing 1

Part of becoming a full performer are dancing skills. Our dance instructors have years of professional experience and are enthusiastic about handing their knowledge and experience to children.

The three months of dance classes cost only 6,900 Baht or 3,900 Baht per month.

Saturdays 1.30 pm-2.30 pm With Kru Johan or Kru DujDear

Acting 1

We are now accepting applications for our first generation of Acting Class students.

The Costs for this Acting Class are 14,900 Baht for all 3 months or 5,500 Baht per month.

Saturdays 9am-11am
With Kru June


We have world class singing teachers available at our studio. Kru Min is a very experienced stage performer who is currently involved in the Sellador Pacific production of Little Shop of Horrors. You can sign up for her classes to the right.

The costs for the singing classes is 6,900 Baht for 12 classes or 3,900 baht per month.

Saturdays 12 pm-1 pm   With Kru Min

Preparation for Premiere Audition (Private Classes)

Next to group classes we are also offering private classes for Castings or Premiere Audition or private coaching. Private classes can either be booked with Kru June or Mr Robin. Please contact us for further information.

On appointment basis.

Full Program – 3 Months of Acting, Dancing and Singing

We are also offering a full combination package of acting, singing and dance classes. This is a full package for a full performer. All classes take place on the same day – Either Saturday or Sunday.

The Full Program costs 25,000 Baht for 3 months, or 9,900 Baht on a monthly basis.

Saturdays 9am-2.30pm


What People are Saying

“Great Energy and Spirit”

“My 7 year old daughter loved this masterclass. Lots of teachers with real life industry experienced and know how. Great energy and spirit from everyone really brought the best out in the kids. Bilingual teachers too. 5 stars from me!” Liam Anderson, Director

“Happiness for the whole family”

“Happiness for the whole family. Come here and you will find out what real performing arts is!! TK’s Mom

“Like a second home”

“#NotJustaStudio #NotJustASchool…

But this is a place where children can explore their physicality, develop their character, do the things they love, and move forward towards their dream. <3

I recommend this place and these teachers. They aren’t just great at teaching, but teach with the spirit of an educator. They pull out the best out of your kids and give great advice that comes from the heart.


Nong Earn’s Mother

“Like achievement is family, is love, is hope that we will stay together”

“The pinnacle of Happiness MasterClass Studio Classes for children with a dream. Practice, learn, develop, small steps but secure.

Singing, Dancing and Acting with an outstanding team of teachers that help the children develop their dreams. We walk together to follow our dreams.

We have love, good hopes for the future. And the goal of the path that we are walking together is our dream.

Like achievement is family, is love, is hope that we will stay together.

I trust and love this institution.”

Nong Guitar’s Mom, Mae Pel (Chanita Pachoto)

Hours of Operation

MON – SUN 8:00am – 10:00pm 


MasterClass Studio – Performing Arts School and Creative Learning Space

6/1 Ladprao 25
Chunkasem, Chatuchuk
Bangkok, 10900, Thailand

Mobile: +66 869488384

Email: info@masterclass-studio.com

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