An actor needs spirit.

We are doing what were doing for others. Not for ourselves. We do it for the audience. We always need to remember that.

We may be tired. The challenge may be too hard. We had a bad night of sleep. Our lives are crumbling. But when we are in front of the camera or on stage, all of that doesn‘t matter.

In my directorial debut the father of one of my actors was exiled. He continued to play that evening. My wife‘s grandmother passed away and she wasn‘t there, because she was on stage.

I have seen actors get hurt on stage, but they continued to play. My 3 year old son had an accident in between scenes, he had to get 3 stitches. Afterwards he went back on set and when the director called ‚action‘ he continued to play and dance as if nothing had happened.

Whatever happens in our personal lives, when we are on stage or on set, we need to be able to put that away.

We need to be there. In the moment. And give it our best. For the audience.

An actor needs spirit.

By Robin Schroeter

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