To work on student films as an actor might not be the first place that you look at for roles. But here’s why you should look at it as a stepping stone to bigger projects:

1. Experience

Working on student films as an actor gives you the experience of being on set. You get to see what’s going on and how it’s going on as well as working with people. See who’s doing what and identify the A.D, the director, the D.O.P—everyone who’s doing anything on set. It’s a great way of getting to know the whole structure and the working of things which will make your experience on other sets easier if you spent time working on student films, familiarizing yourself with everything.

2. Be the main or supporting character instead of an extra or featured extra

If you have worked on bigger projects and worked in roles of an extra or a featured extra, this is a good opportunity for you to try out for the lead role if you work on student films as an actor. It’s an entirely different experience from being someone in the background to the one carrying the story. So get your game face on and try out for the lead role in a student film!

3. Student short films can be very creative projects

Instead of working on commercials, which is quite boring as it’s usually always the same and you’d follow the same rules, student projects are quite out there. You can explore crazy characters if you want to or get the chance to. Work on student films as an actor to explore various roles and get experience.

4. Gather material for your reel and boost your resume

Student short films are an excellent way to build your reel. You get materials to add to your reel as well as your resume. This helps you get bigger projects or work on a feature film even. But the stepping stone is to work on student films as an actor—the first step before you can move onto something bigger.

5. Networking / Connections

If you work on student films as an actor, you get to network with people and these people will remember you because you’ve worked with them during their student life—well if you’ve been nice and not rude. They’ve probably pursued their career in the film industry after their student life meaning they are going to be someone. Personally, the people I’ve worked with on student film projects have become my friends now and we occasionally work on projects together. The thing is because you’ve worked with them previously on student films, it’s much easier to work with them. It’s because you know how they work and because you’ve forged a lifelong connection with them. So, be nice and grab every opportunity you can get to network with people you’ve worked with. And hat’s going to help you propel forward.


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