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Types of reels you should know about

By now, you've heard the word 'reels' a lot of times already. But there are different types of reels you should know about. 1. Commercial Reel A commercial reel should be around 1 minute long. The attention span of the casting directors you'll be sending this to is...

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Follow up on your acting work

All of the people I know that have been successful in the industry constantly keep track of their work. So, here's why you should follow up on your acting work as well: 1. You can use the material for your showreel Follow up on your acting work by collecting the works...

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Work on student films as an actor

To work on student films as an actor might not be the first place that you look at for roles. But here's why you should look at it as a stepping stone to bigger projects: 1. Experience Working on student films as an actor gives you the experience of being on set. You...

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Do’s and Don’ts on a Film Set

First time on a film set and you feel like a fish out of water? Here are some guidelines on the do’s and don’t’s on a film set for you that people already expect you should know:   1. DO find someone responsible for you The first thing you should do when you arrive at...

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Musical “I will Dream of You – Peter Pan”

Are you ready to crow? Our Thai language production of “I will Dream of You – Peter Pan” – an original full scale interactive musical with a cast of 35 children and teenagers and 20 adults is going to be on stage soon!   This original interactive musical spectacle...

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Sponsorship for Peter Pan the New Musical

Peter Pan the New Musical; this modern musical adaptation of J. M. Barrie’s classic tale is one of the most beloved and frequently performed family favorites of all time. Little Big House Company to create Peter Pan the New Musical for the very first time in Thailand...

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Why you should take acting classes!

You are considering taking acting classes, but you are thinking, "Why do I really need them?" 1. You are investing in yourself First and foremost, acting classes are a way of you investing in yourself. As actor, you are the product. You are the creator. You are the...

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Musical Summer Camp for Kids in Bangkok

Musical Summer Camp for Kids in Bangkok MasterClass Studio is offering a Musical Summer Camp for Kids of 7 years and older from 1-5th of July and 7-12th of July 13.00-17.00. Altogether 40 hours including a Musical Showcase.🎉🎤🎼🎭💃🕺 This Musical Summer Camp for Kids...

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Film Making Camp for Kids in Bangkok

Film Making Camp in Bangkok For kids that dream of experiencing all aspects of making a movie: Acting, Directing, Script Writing, Camera Operation and Editing. This Film Making Camp is for kids that want to study the process of making a movie and acting for film.This...

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Professional Casting Director in Bangkok, Thailand

I am glad to be one of the few good Western casting directors in Bangkok. Sometimes I am surprised by the way the tides turn and where life takes you. My first time as casting director in Bangkok was for the award winning film Patong Girl 2014. During my time in...

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Robin Schroeter an Acting Coach in Bangkok, Thailand

Robin Schroeter, the only Western Acting Coach with a Master's Degree in Performing Arts (Directing) in Bangkok, Thailand. Robin works as acting coach, actor and casting director. Acting Coach Being an Acting Coach is a work of passion for me. I love seeing my clients...

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