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MasterClass Studio offers professional casting services in Bangkok, Thailand, to both Thai and foreign productions.


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MasterClass Studio offers professional casting services in Bangkok, Thailand, to both Thai and foreign productions. We have more than 7 years of experience in casting services in Bangkok for TV, film, advertisements, and commercial productions.

Doing a casting in a foreign country is never easy and we are here to make sure that you will get the talents that match your requirements best. Bangkok is unique for its tropical location with an extraordinary pool of talents from around the world. If you are looking for something or someone, you will find them in Bangkok.

Only the Best

Good communication is the main aspect of casting services, especially in a foreign country

The communication between the producer/director, the casting director, and the talent, so that the production receives the best suggestions for the roles they need to fill. Nuances can easily get lost in translation. Especially in a country with a completely different language and culture communication can become one of the main hurdles in casting services. It leads to misunderstandings and the production not receiving the talents they need. Our international team makes sure that this communication runs as smoothly as possible and you don’t have to worry about anything.

MasterClass Studio offers professional and reasonably-priced casting services in Bangkok. We are a professional casting studio with casting services specialized in foreign productions taking place in Bangkok.

Robin Schroeter, the co-owner of MasterClass Studio, has been living in Thailand for 16 years and speaks fluent Thai, English, and German. He has been an actor and studied directing (MA Directing) hence he understands what it feels like behind and in front of the camera.



YUMMY (2019)








KINGDOM (2019)




What People are Saying

“His direction skills helped us to find the perfect Cast

I worked with Robin as an actor and model for TVcs before. After getting to know him better I thought it would be great to work with him as casting director for our Deichmann TVC. We needed a variety of international , multi racial cast. Robin helped to find a wonderful mix by casting approx 150 models during our 5 day casting session. He is passioned, lovely handeling the models and his direction skills helped us to find the perfect Cast. Thanks a lot again, Robin

Michael Menke

Sparkling Eye Productions, Singapore

“Fabulous food & flawless service”

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“Another successful experience”

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